Psychedelics Design looks at the psychedelic space through the design lens, tells stories, fosters conversations, research, collaboration, design for psychedelics, and ponders psychedelic-enabled design. We focus on innovation, technology, world-changing ideas, creativity, culture, and design. We take a holistic perspective and acknowledge the significance of designing across disciplines, scales, and environments to achieve meaningful and far-reaching results. We firmly believe that psychedelics play a vital role in fostering our reconnection with ourselves and nature, enhancing our capacity to create with greater insight and purpose. At Psychedelics Design, we aim to inspire people to think expansively, embrace change, and strive for positive futures. We explore the psychedelic space...

2024-04-11 Conferences and Events

"National Cannabis Policy Summit (NCPS) is a free annual conference that takes place the day prior to National Cannabis Festival in Washington, DC. NCPS convenes policy experts and newsmakers for a full day of high level discussion on the challenges and opportunities facing the cannabis industry. Going into year 6, NCPS is the only nationally televised cannabis conference, aired live on C-SPAN, C-SPAN Radio and Fox News Online."Click Here to Learn More

2024-04-19 Conferences and Events

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2024-04-20 Conferences and Events

"Chacruna started producing large-scale conferences in Mexico in 2015, and then yearly spring conferences in the West Coast since 2018. Psychedelic Culture 2024 will continue our tradition of exploring cutting-edge themes that are largely absent from the mainstream psychedelic conversation, related to our main initiatives: Indigenous Reciprocity & Decolonial Dialogues, Psychedelic Justice, Protection of Sacred Plants & Cultural Traditions, and voices from the Global South. At this two day in-person conference, with 3 simultaneous tracks, Chacruna will convene comprehensive panels and experiential opportunities that will foster conversations around topics including: Indigenous voices, Indigenous reciprocity, biocultural conservation, religion and psychedelics, holding mindful...

2024-04-27 Conferences and Events

The Catalyst Summit 2024, May 3-5, brings together thought leaders, industry pioneers, and change-makers to drive transformative change in psychedelic medicine. This multidisciplinary event provides a platform for collaboration, networking, and exchanging ideas, focusing on accelerating progress in science, therapy, legal frameworks, and business opportunities. Over three days, attendees have the opportunity to engage with an extensive lineup of keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops, and interactive sessions covering a wide range of topics, such as: The latest science-backed data and evidence from clinical trials and studies conducted worldwide, providing insights into the therapeutic potential of psychedelics.Standards, ethics, and best practices, examining harm reduction,...

2024-05-03 Conferences and Events

Conference description: "The 4th Annual Psychedelic Therapeutics and Drug Development Conference is coming to Boston, MA on May 23-24, 2024. This event has been organized to bring together the world’s leading researchers and leaders in academia, industry, the non-profit sector and government to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing those engaged in the research and development of psychedelics for various health conditions with considerable unmet need. This event will highlight the progress being made towards regulatory approval of a variety of psychedelics with the potential to treat various conditions, including inflammatory/autoimmune disorders, brain injury, pain, PTSD, anxiety, ADHD, headaches, depression, and opioid use disorder. Our...

2024-05-23 Conferences and Events

Description from the ICPR website:"The Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research (ICPR) is Europe’s leading academic conference dedicated to advancing psychedelic research and therapies organised by the OPEN Foundation since 2010. ICPR is a biennial conference focused on high-quality scientific and scholarly research into psychedelics. ICPR 2024 is our 6th event. After our hugely successful conference in 2022, we are returning to the prestigious Philharmonie Theatre! ICPR will take place in Haarlem (next to Amsterdam) from June 6th to June 8th, 2024.ICPR provides a unique opportunity to get up to speed with the latest findings in psychedelic research. From clinical research and therapeutic paradigms to neuroscience, neurobiology and pharmacology, to consciousness...

2024-06-06 Conferences and Events

ICPR features world-leading experts from many academic disciplines, including psychiatry, psychology, neuroscience, anthropology, ethnobotany, and philosophy who come together to give a scientific conference for academics, therapists, researchers, clinicians, policymakers, and members of the public. The OPEN Foundation has been organising 5 large and international conferences since 2010.Click Here to Learn More

2024-06-06 Conferences and Events

In partnership with the Center for Psychedelic Drug Research and Education at The Ohio State University, Psychedemia 2024 will provide a rigorous interdisciplinary symposium for exchanging ideas, evaluating dominant perspectives, and critiquing current approaches to developing social frameworks for psychedelic use. This conference will review the recent history of psychedelic research and culture; assess where we currently stand; and chart pathways for the future of the field. A richly varied program will include Lectures, Symposia, and Spotlight Sessions.Click Here to Learn More

2024-08-08 Conferences and Events

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2025-04-17 Conferences and Events